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Hello, I'm Fenixx Rodriguez, an artist crafting stories on the world's canvas. From mixed media to dioramas, my palette knows no bounds. In the hidden corners, I paint narratives that transcend identities, sparking conversations in the streets.

Each stroke celebrates the beauty found in the overlooked. With meticulous craftsmanship and a sprinkle of wit, I weave tales of joy and rebellion.

As Fenixx, join me on a journey where every piece contributes to our collective narrative. By night, I'm an urban storyteller, using art to celebrate transformation. The world is my canvas, and creativity knows no bounds—after all, who said art can't have a punchline?

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Fenixx Rodriguez 

© 20223 By Fenixx Rodriguez. Created on Fenixx Studio.

Tel. 1-509-855-9232
Spokane, WA



fenixxrodriguez_paper_art_of_the_space_needle midnight.webp

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